Nestled in the heart of the bustling city of Chennai, India, you’ll find us – NYL Trading. We’re more than just a bottled water provider. We offer a tailored experience, enriched with commitment to excellence and creative flair. Every single drop we provide is not only pure and refreshing but also carries a personal touch.

We came into existence in 2023. Since then, we’ve been at the forefront of merging practicality with personal expression in the world of customised bottled water. Our guiding light? Chennai’s cultural richness, a source of endless inspiration reflected in our innovative designs and superior service.

NYL Trading isn’t just about bottled water. It’s about a lifestyle – a blend of elegance, wellbeing, and environmental mindfulness. Our sustainably sourced water, drawn from the finest natural springs, goes through rigorous filtration and purification processes, setting a benchmark beyond international standards.

Our environmental dedication runs deep. We’ve adopted 100% recyclable, eco-friendly bottles, aligning our business with a greener, more sustainable future.

Our unique selling point? Personalisation. We get it, every event is distinct, and we strive to add that personal touch to our products. Be it a corporate event, a wedding, or a family reunion, we guarantee our bottled water will harmonise with your theme, adding a memorable signature.

NYL Trading isn’t just a business, it’s a family. A family of dedicated professionals tirelessly working to offer top-tier products and unparalleled customer service. Their commitment fuels our growth and ensures the satisfaction of our esteemed customers.

We see water as more than a basic need. For us, it’s a symbol of life, purity, and vitality. Our mission? To offer you, our customer, customised bottled water that not only satisfies your thirst but also adds a distinctive aesthetic touch to your occasions.

So, why wait? Choose NYL Trading, let us serve you our personalised bottled water, and watch us sprinkle your events with a dash of creativity and sophistication.